Aug 082011
Strategic Management – Term 103
Lecturer: Dr. Yahya N. Al Serhan

(This Post will be  updated regularly until the end of term 103)

Note: Updated for Final Exam (8 August 2011)

Warning: You may notice missing information, errors, or mistakes in my notes, and I will not be held responsible for them.

P.S. The notes are not filtered for the final exam materials… as it contain more information than what you are required to study, But you will find a list in my notes that will guide you on what is required.

I will try to filter the notes in order to be consistent with the final exam, if I get the chance. Otherwise, one of you could volunteer and filter the unneeded notes and upload it or E-Mail it to me 🙂



BUS 495 – Term 103 — Final (Word)

BUS 495 – Term 103 – Final (PDF)