Mar 132012

Note: Business Operations Management – Term 102

Lecturer: Dr. Sajed

I am used to take notes on my Laptop for every class I attended. These notes are mainly a summary of that lecture, most of the information within the documents are taken from the important parts that the instructor focused on.

Please note that you may find some missing  lecture notes or information, and that’s due to me being absent on that lecture day.

(This Post will be  updated regularly until the end of term 102)

Note: Updated for Final Exam – 29/5/2011

NOTICE: I am still a human being!  You may notice errors or mistakes in my notes, and I will not be held responsible for them.



Full Package PDF Format – Zipped File:

BUS 371 – Term 102

BUS 371 Exercise Handouts Ch. 10



BUS 371 – Part 1 (Major 1)

BUS 371 – Part 2 (Major 2)

BUS 371 – Part 3 (Final)

Homework #1 Solution

Homework #2 Solution

BUS 371 Chapter 10 Equations

BUS 371 Chapter 12 Equations