Jul 072010

You can download the list for both Male and Female Graduates down below.

I advice you to use a Download Manager program to avoid slow downloading speeds

P.S. This is just the list of graduate names, it does not contain information about the grades.



Jun 172010

I have found a very interesting video Ad.

I believe the way this video was executed is very creative!

What do you think?

Mar 152010


If you are a student of Prince Sultan University, and got information that could help other students in a given course, then please do share it in this website!

All what you got to do is register from the Meta tab in the footer, then you will immediately be able to publish, and edit your own publications. I will then categorize each new topic to its designated course code.

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate and contact me on my email address Jallal.m@gmail.com.

Mohammed A. AlJallal