Jun 112010

Chapter 1

-definition of a marketing channel

-why do marketing channels exist?

-marketing flows (important)

-who belongs to a marketing channel?

-framework of channel analysis (briefly)

-service outputs & designs

-gap analysis (just know it)

Chapter 2

-market segmentation: definition

-segmenting by service outputs (know it)

-factors that contribute to unmet service outputs (eg. cost, competition,…)

Chapter 3

-market flows

-know the zero-based channel

Chapter 4

-coverage vs. assortment (convenience, luxury goods…) (whats channels fit with those goods)

-bait and switch tactics (just know it)

-nature of product category

-how to drop brands (not included!!)

Chapter 5

-zero based channel

-types of gaps

-closing channel gaps (supply side and demand side)

-something to do with preventions in this chapter, leave it out. ( i cant find, but if you can let me know bro!)

Chapter 6

-power (definition)

-sources of power (know it)

-influence strategies (not included!!)

Chapter 7,8,9 pretty much everything is included!

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