Jun 102010

Note:  Marketing Channel – Term 092 – Lecturer:  Mr. Mahmoud Achouri

I am used to take notes on my Laptop for every class I attended. These notes are mainly a summary of that lecture, most of the information within the documents are taken from the Power Point Slides in that day.

Please note that you may find some missing  lecture notes or information, and that’s due to me being absent on that lecture day.

(This Post will be  updated on regular basis until the end of term 092)

The list below is sorted by lecture dates beginning from the 1st class I attended to the last. Any missing lecture day will NOT be shown below. You will find the word “missing” or “check book” within some documents, that would indicate that I was absent or I didn’t take notes for that particular subject.


01. Sun 28 Feb 2010

02. Tue 02 March 2010

03. Sun 07 March 2010

04. Sun 14 March 2010

05. Tue 16 Mar 2010

06. Sun 21 Mar 2010

07. Tue 23 Mar 2010 (Not available, was absent)

08. Major One Preview – Sun 28 Mar 2010

09. Tue 06 Apr 2010 (Chapter 4: Still read the book) *Major 2 Document

10. Sun 25 Apr 2010 (Chapter 6: Still read the book) *Major 2 Document

11. Sun 02 May 2010 (Chapter 7) Final Exam Material

12. Sat 15 May 2010 (Chapter 5: Still read the book) *Major 2 Document

13. Sunday 30 May 2010 ( Partial Ch. 8 and 9 ) – Final Exam Material

Use the handout you got for studying Chapter 9.

Note: Chapter 7 & 8 are Missing some major information, use the book to study them please.

Check Zee Post for what you need to study for the Final exam.

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